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Mini theater museum

26 Nov
—Inspiration from : ant nest
Theater Present 4 Topic
—History of KMUTT
—Symbol of KMUTT
—Why King Rama 4 important to KMUTT
—Story of the father of Thai Science & Technology

-everyone have our own responsibility
-creating an outdoor museam that represent KMUTT
-we separate work for all member and combine it together last week
-outdoor museam
-make people know more about KMUTT


-we couldn’t meet up easily
-late submits
-not active

How to improve

-make the museam bigger with more information
-the possibility of building the museam


Around KMUTT

29 Oct

Challenge Based Learning

Our little field trip around KMUTT

We were given a short ‘field trip’ around King Mongkut’s university of Technology Thonburi on Monday 22nd of October in Gen241 Beauty of Life class. For our group, sub-group 34, we went to the library to listen about history and souvenirs of KMUTT  then we went to vidvawattana building to litening about fan and motor first while.

The souvenirs room of King Mongkut ; is well-docorated with each precious object shown inside a glass box. which is derived by label be inconsistent with King Mongkut’s institute of technology Ladkrabang and King Mongkut’s university of technology north Bangkok.

The crown is an original one; it was used by King Mongkut long time ago. It is beautifully decorated with jewelry and gems.

This is a painting of King Rama 9 ; It is an oil painting full of details and it looks very realistic. The cloth, lighting, and even wrinkles on the face look like they are going to pop out from the painting.

Then, we walked to another room which contains old books and stuff that relates to KMUTT history.

These are the development of KMUTT student uniform from the past up until now. On the upper left corner is a design of the graduation gown. The reason why it’s red  is because the birthday of King Mongkut is on Sunday.

The old electric motor, which can hardly be found anywhere else these days. It can produce up to 30 kilowatt (or about 40 power horse). The motor uses an old technique of magnetic power unlike nowadays that use electronic signals.

The actual fan. It has the diameter of 2.6 meters and it is really old. The fan paddles are long and thin.



Big Idea Video

Concept:  King Mongkut (Rama IV)


1. To motivate the audience, especially students in KMUTT, to pay respect and honor King Mongkut’s contributions toward the university.

2. To educate the audience about King Mongkut and KMUTT.


First, we watched the Challenge Based Learning videos and take notes of the slide show in class on Monday. We collected the content from the lecture.

Second, we brainstormed to choose the topic for big idea and separate the work to our group.

Challenge Proposal Storyboard Worksheet

1 Big idea

How is King Mongkut important to KMUTT and its long history?

2 Team info


Phearwa 54271529

Salintip 55120500034

Natthakarn 55120500010

Panida 55120500218

sittas 55120500056

Supanuch 55120500642

lapawan 55120500240

nannapat 55120500619

3 Essential Question

Why King Mongkut is called “Father of Thai science”?

4 Significance/Context

How are you thinking about development of Thailand’s education?

5 example

How can we tell another about the importance of King Mongkut toward KMUTT?

6 The Challenge

How could you use knowledge about king mougkut to improve KMUTT?


– Beginning we were really confused about the instructions. We didn’t know what to do and we did not have a image about the project.

Parabolic speaker

1 Oct

sunshine in the sky


hard box paper

duct tape

spray colour

stainless stick



reflect paper




1 point the projector to paper first, then draft it with the pencil.

2 cut it into the shape, then stick it together with the duct tape.

3 so we got shape which we want.

4 next, spray both outside and inside of the model and let it dry.

5 mark cross inside by pencil, and then use glue put reflect papers on mark.

6 put clay in the middle of the art work, and put the stainless stick in the clay.


and we’ll got the finished work


umbrella  parabolic speaker ❤

Lighting Box

17 Sep
—Light through the water drop
—waxed sheet
—light bulb
—cutting board
design the box